Ethlas 2022 — The Convergence

Ethlas Metaverse — Our 2022 Roadmap

The Emergence — Ethlas’ Origin Story

  • >2,000,000 gameplays
  • >45,000 new and unique MetaMask wallet address created
  • 400,000 unique sessions in the last 30 days

The Convergence — Bringing Everyone Together

1. Game Metaverse (Q4 2021)

2. Marketplace (Q4 2021)

3. Ethlas Meta Games (Q4 2021 — Q2 2022)

4. Token Sales & Staking (H1 2022)

5. NFTs, In-game Utility and Social Engagement (Q3 2022)

  • Avatars: We will be introducing player avatars in game by Q1 2022. By allowing users to customize a digital representation of themselves, we aim to allow player characteristics to seep into their gameplay and their game worlds!
  • Equipable NFTs: Whether it’s Komos you own flying next to your avatar, or unique fashion NFTs that can be equipped, or legendary artefacts that create special auras, the idea that NFTs are unique, and can be shown live on your avatar is a key representation of player expression, and something we’re working hard to enable as fast as possible, starting with our genesis NFT range, Komos that is slated for a early Q1 mint day.
  • Social Engagement: A social fabric is key to deep player to player engagement, and in Q2 2022, we aim to push the foundations of a robust real time communication (RTC) stack to allow various forms of global chats, DMs, emojis and other forms of communications to liven up the mood within the Ethlas Metaverse.
  • Multiplayer mode: Whether it’s battling each other live, or being able to see each other’s avatar on the same map, we understand that the future of the Metaverse is in massively multiplayer maps, and we’re currently building the foundations on the blockchain to be able to see themselves and their friends adventuring together, in real time!

6. Land Sales (H2 2022)

  • Game studios can buy land plots and build fantasy worlds that matches their overall game theme: Star Wars land, Final Fantasy Theme Park, Dotaland — the possibility is endless.
  • Players can buy land and be their own developers: For example, we have an early player who is collecting Komos and wants to build a Komo Musuem and showcase his collection, while collecting entrance fees!
  • Ethlas as the ecosystem developer is committed to taking land plots and building towards community engagement: more games, more social spaces, more gathering spots for Ethernals (Ethlas Players go by Ethernals) to hang out and chill etc etc…

Postface — The Road Ahead




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Ethlas Metaverse | Endless Entertainment

Ethlas Metaverse | Endless Entertainment

Ethlas Metaverse is a free online gaming portal hosting a variety of games with millions of player visits and growing.