Ethlas FAQ: What Is It And How You Could Win $1000?

3 min readSep 28, 2021

Welcome to Ethlas! We’re stoked to have you join us for the alpha release of the Ethlas Metaverse! Read on for a quick intro of what it means for you, and what to expect next.

In summary

Your main objective is to collect gems, the in-game currency of Ethlas. Earn gems by playing games, ranking on the leaderboard and spinning the wheel of fortune. These actions rewards you with gems, which you can use to join the weekly grand draw to earn more gems, or redeem for crypto! 🚀

Majority of the population is still excluded from crypto finance as there is a large financial and technical gap to bridge. Here at Ethlas, we believe that casual games are the best inroads to onboard the next billion crypto users. More about our mission the next time. Now, let’s talk games!

How does Ethlas work?

1. Login with Metamask 🔑 — Use the browser in the Metamask app, or chrome extension on desktop to access

2. Play games 🕹 — Use your energy bars to play our library of games (new games are in the works!). Playing games deducts energy, but its replenished every 24 hours.

Current games on Ethlas

3. Rank on the leaderboard 🏆 — The top 100 gamers on the daily leaderboard are awarded with gems, and issued to the winners at midnight. Your total energy & gem count is displayed at the top. If you’ve got what it takes, try getting ranked in the Hall of Fame 😉

4. Spin the wheel of fortune 🎡 — Everyone is granted 5 free spins daily, which can be redeemed after playing a game. Stand a chance to win energy, gems, and the highly elusive mystery egg (hint: it sounds like ann-eff-tee).

5. Weekly grand draw 🎰 — Participate in the weekly grand draw by staking your gems, and earn up to 15,800 gems!

6. Marketplace 🏦 — Or redeem prizes at the marketplace! Apart from redeeming energy and free spins, you will soon be able to redeem crypto!

Upcoming launch campaign 🤩

If you are reading this, you are the selected few who are eligible for our campaign where >$1000 bucks will be paid out! As we are planning to launch our series of NFTs soon, the first 1000 wallets registered on Ethlas will also get first dips on our exclusive drops. We want to reward the OGs!!

Tell me more!

Ethlas is run by a team of veteran tech leaders with more than 30 years of experience across Google, Facebook, Credit Suisse, Grab, Servis Hero, and Airbnb. We’re running our best to support those who believed in us! 💯💯

What to expect next:

  • New features — more games, progression badges, token staking, NFTs, marketplace and many more!
  • Hiring — expanding the team to keep up with all the valuable feedback we’ve received! (reach us at 😉)
  • Fundraising — midst of a fundraiser with VCs, crypto funds, and influential tech executives (keep your 👀 peeled)
  • Partnership — working with incubators, launchpads and blockchain platforms to create more value for users!

Your participation will provide useful insights to how Ethlas progresses, so play your hearts out and keep giving us feedback! Get connected to our telegram group for the latest updates, and secure yourself a front-row seat as Ethlas prepares for takeoff! 🚀🌔

PS: If you or your friends still needs help onboarding, share with them our simple how-to guide on setting up and connecting with metamask.

Ethlas is a Free to Play, Play to Earn Metaverse for anyone with a device connected to the Internet! Have fun playing familiar casual games while earning Crypto in your free time.

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Ethlas is engineering the future of gaming by leveraging Web3 to unlock the next level of experiences.