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As the genesis series, Komo NFTs are the most jam-packed utility NFT you will ever see! Generative art with in-game utility, asset-backed with $XGEMs, game pass for high stakes tournaments, and exclusive access to Komo Klash NFT game. How much more can these cute Komo dragons contain??

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Komo — Utility & asset backed NFTs

Komo NFTs are 4-things-in-1, and more!

1. Generative art — With in-game utility

8337 unique Komo NFTs that were bestowed by the Komo gods to roam the world of Ethlas, searching for games and hunting for gems. Every Komo trait is hand drawn and meticulously designed over the span of 3 months. Based on its rarity tiers, Komos have embedded in them varying in-game utility.

Design traits of Komos

Remember our Windblown elemental NFTs? Komos can be equipped with elemental NFTs to unlock special skills, unlock new maps, and take part in exclusive missions for future game releases. From the onset, NFTs launched within Ethlas were intended to enable interactive gameplay, affecting both on-chain and off-chain metrics. Check out the early versions of Komos:

Behind the scenes of Komo designs

2. Increased earnings — With in-game multipliers and airdrops

Like we said, Komos are playful creatures with fanatical obsession with gems. Komos can be equipped to a player profile in an active state, for its game stats to take effect which influences a player’s earn rate.

Comprised of active and passive reward attributes

Some Komos are randomly locked with treasure chest of $XGEMs, which will be released to NFT owners upon triggers of certain price action on $XGEMs (shhh… that’s all Komos wanted us to share!). For instance, certain NFT holders will unlock troves of gems when the the floating rate of $XGEMs reaches a certain price. These are the specialities of Ethlas’ NFTs — they are all asset-backed which holds intrinsic value and maintains a strong floor price. These carefully designed aspects also make Komos fun and unpredictable!

3. Exclusive access to Komo Cup— Win big playing casual games!

Are you good at games? Enjoy playing Ethlas? Here’s your chance to play and earn! Komo cup will run every 12 hours, and top players on the leaderboard will split the entire prize pot. Pit your skills across our expanding list of games, starting with Ethlas 101 & Bounce Bounce.

Prize pot grows as more players participates!

Every attempt in Komo Cup would require 100 $XGEMs, and players are allowed to have multiple entries. To put things into perspective, if every Komo owner participated just once in Komo Cup, the prize pot would total up to more than half a million $XGEMs (>US$5000). What if you weren’t blessed with gaming genes? Become a manager by loaning your Komo NFT on the marketplace and split the earnings when your scholar wins!

Custodial NFT rental services for managers & scholars

The magic happens on Ethlas, so there’s no need to create extra accounts or worried that your manager cuts you short. Ethlas provides temporary custodial services to protect the manager-scholar relationship. Ownership still resides in the Manager’s wallet, while time bounded ownership is granted to the scholar.

4. Exclusive access to Komo Klash —Turn based battle game

Imagine if Pokemon met Axie met Hearthstone. Komo Klash is a turn-based battle, where players build their own team of 3 Komos and use a combination of strategies to defeat their opponents.

Komo Klash is queued for beta release in Q2 2022

Players can engage in various types of battle modes — from PvE Campaign and Co-op Boss Battles to PvP Arena battles. Boss mode has a pot of gems that is up for grabs, distributed based on the leaderboard ranking, which is also the first version of gameplay that will be released! Campaign mode allows players to earn smaller amounts of gems depending on the campaign level they are on, while Arena mode allows players to wager gems.

Komos can (1) be levelled up outside of battle, (2) equip, level up, and / or crystallize skills, (3) equip accessory sets and link Elementals (NFT), and (4) set-up their battle team. Use skill cards to attack your enemy, either finish them off and have more HP than your enemy at the end of Turn 10 of battle. However, take note of your Komo element as it has different strengths & weaknesses. A game of skill, hard work, and deep strategy.

Mint details

Mint quantity: 8337

Mint price: 30,000 $XGEMs

  • Get it directly from QuickSwap by swapping $MATIC for $XGEMs
Get XGEMs direct from QuickSwap

Mint date: Public Sale — 2nd March 2022, 11pm (GMT +8)

Mint format:

  • T-48H: Komo egg holders have a 24H window to mint at a 50% discount
  • T-24H: Private sale: Whitelist owners have a 24H window to mint at a 20% discount
  • T: Public sale: For everyone else, or previous buyers who faced the hard limit in previous sales.

Get whitelisted!

By joining the Komo NFT Whitelist, you will have the privilege of minting your Komo NFT early and at a discount! There will only be 2,000 spots in the Whitelist. Find out how on Twitter or keep a lookout on our #contests channel on Discord!

Is there any other way to get on the whitelist?
Yes, we have spots for community members who engage on our social media, so you can also get a whitelist role by:

  • Contributing to the community
  • Engage with our Social Media
  • Participate in Contests and Giveaways

How do I know I am in the Whitelist?
You are successfully whitelisted if you have the Komo Whitelist Role on Discord. Your wallet address registered with us will be whitelisted for the pre-mint day sale. @WindblownHODLers and Komo Egg holders will automatically be added into the Whitelist.

Enough said, HOW DO I MINT!!!

Head over to on mint day, and wait for your designated slot. In the meanwhile, load up on Matic and head to QuickSwap to swap for $XGEMs. Whitelisted users will gain access to hidden pages based on the wallet IDs provided to mint their Komo. Every NFT is randomised, and minters will receive a placeholder mint before the big reveal happens to enforce fairness.

Happy minting 🚀

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