Ethlas Windblown Staking Event

First of its kind — bringing staking & NFTs to a new level

Executive Summary


Public sale: 28 Dec 22:00H (UTC +8)

Adding Polygon network on MetaMask
Our 3-step user guide
Look at that shiny gold gem!
Import XGEM into QuickSwap. All projects go through this verification process.
Adjust gas fee if you want to speed up
Provide proportionate amounts of MATIC & XGEMs

Staking: 29 Dec 22:00H (UTC +8)

Checking that you have sufficient LP token
Provide your QuickSwap LP token (UNI-V2)
Successfully received your SGEM NFT!

Can I trade these NFTs?

APY calculations and why you could be earning more than 702%!


How do I get $MATIC?

How do I bridge $MATIC on Ethereum over to Polygon Mainnet?

My balance amount on Ethlas is not updated

How do I import my NFT into MetaMask?

Copy paste the Address & ID of your NFT!
That beauty

Ethlas is a F2P/P2E GameFi Metaverse, the casual games aggregator platform for players to play games and earn crypto rewards. Voted “Best NFT/GameFi project in 2021” by Polygon Foundation, and ranked #1 blockchain casual game on We are the largest GameFi project headquartered in Singapore, with a stacked team of founders and backers.



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