Ethlas Windblown Staking Event

First of its kind — bringing staking & NFTs to a new level

Executive Summary

Before we begin, we thought it’d be good to recap some key terminologies and concepts in Ethlas:

  1. GEM is the in-game currency you know and love. You earn these by playing Ethlas games, and you use them for in-game purchases and upgrades.
  2. XGEM: An ERC-20 token representing your GEM. Take your GEM off the Ethlas platform to trade or stake by converting GEM into XGEM at a 1:1 ratio in the Ethlas Marketplace. Once the conversion is complete, the XGEM will appear in your Metamask wallet! You can also buy XGEM on Quickswap, and bring it to the Ethlas platform to be converted 1:1 back into GEM.
  3. QuickSwap LP Tokens (also known as UNI-V2): You can take your XGEM and add liquidity to the XGEM:MATIC liquidity pool (remember, you’ll need some MATIC as well for that pool). QuickSwap pays you a portion of fees for being a liquidity provider.
  4. Stake your QuickSwap LP tokens on Ethlas to be eligible to earn up to 702% APY, depending on how long you choose to stake. Once you’ve staked your funds, Ethlas will distribute Gem rewards to stakers based on the relative proportion of your stake vs the overall staking pool.
  5. Windblown NFTs: Here’s where it gets interesting. Most projects will provide you with a generic staked token as a receipt of your participation, and call it a day. Ethlas will give you a randomly-generated NFT from our Windblown collection to be wrapped around your sGEM. sGEM will automatically mint into a Windblown NFT, and your Windblown will have artistic value as well as monetary value. The Windblown NFT entitles the holder to their original share of the QuickSwap LP token, and all of the accrued rewards, AND is a piece of art that can be traded.
  6. Collecting your funds: Once the staking period is up, you may decide to redeem your funds (or continue staking). If you choose to redeem your funds, you will receive the proportionate amount of XGEM and MATIC based on the liquidity pool’s ratio at the time of redemption, plus any accrued rewards. However, the Windblown NFT that is wrapped around your sGEM token will be released and allowed to roam free in Ethlas again. So think hard about whether your Windblown NFT is worth more intact, or destroyed!


  • XGEM Public Sale on Quickswap (28 Dec 22:00H UTC +8 onwards)
  • Windblown NFT Staking Event on Ethlas (29 Dec 22:00H UTC +8 onwards)
  • Minting your first Windblown SGEM (Staked Gem) NFT
  • APY calculations and how you can be earning more than 702% APY!
  • FAQ

Public sale: 28 Dec 22:00H (UTC +8)

  1. From 22:00H onwards, XGEMs that were pre-purchased from whitelist sales will be airdropped to player wallets. It’s difficult to predict congestion on Polygon, but we’ll monitor it every second to keep you updated!
  2. Switch your MetaMask to the Polygon network, or add the network if needed. Use this guide if you need help.
Adding Polygon network on MetaMask
Our 3-step user guide
Look at that shiny gold gem!
Import XGEM into QuickSwap. All projects go through this verification process.
Adjust gas fee if you want to speed up
Provide proportionate amounts of MATIC & XGEMs

Staking: 29 Dec 22:00H (UTC +8)

  1. Return to It should reflect your available number of LP tokens.
  • The longer you stake, the more exponential the rewards become.
  • All rewards are paid out in GEMs, which will ONLY be redeemable once the staking period ends. Note: You CANNOT terminate a SGEM prematurely after minting, so only choose the staking tenure you’re comfortable with.
Checking that you have sufficient LP token
Provide your QuickSwap LP token (UNI-V2)
Successfully received your SGEM NFT!

Can I trade these NFTs?

  1. Absolutely! Once you own the NFT, you should see the corresponding staked token (screenshot on the right)

APY calculations and why you could be earning more than 702%!

  • APY GEM rewards are paid out in a 12 hour tranche cycle
  • If you finished your vesting period, but still continue staking, you will still earn the same estimated APY rates that you first got when you staked.
  • 702% is based on a certain number of participants in the pool, so in the early days of the staking pool, or if the number of participants are lower than anticipated, all loyal stakers actually earn much more than 702%! And that’s our way of rewarding our diamond hands believers!
  • ALSO, The first 50 wallet ID that stake >$2000 worth of LP tokens in equivalent Windblown SGEMs will win a Komo egg, while stocks last!!


  • MetaMask desktop plugin does not support this currently, so only mobile is available. Open the MetaMask app, switch to Polygon Network, and click “Import NFTs”
  • Add the contract address and the ID of YOUR NFT
Copy paste the Address & ID of your NFT!
  • And WALA! Your SGEM NFT imported to your MetaMask app!
That beauty



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