Ethlas XGEM Sale & Staking — Pro Guide

Provide liquidity, stake LP tokens and earn up to 702% APY

1. What’s the TL;DR?

Key events & timelines

2. The innovation behind Ethlas SGEMs

Multi-layered assets packed into a single ERC721 SGEM token

3. Key Information

Requirements for each key event

4. Why participate in SGEM staking

5. Pre-Sale Whitelist:

6. Public sale checklist

7. FAQ

How do I receive my SGEM NFT?

How do I see my staking contracts?

Can I unstake my LP tokens earlier than required?

How do I claim my reward when the vesting period is up?

How do I get MATIC?

Is there a limit on how much I can stake?

Can I stake more than $5000 USD then?

What determines which NFT rarity tier I receive?

How is rewards/APY calculated?

When does the staking end?

Do I still earn rewards if I choose a shorter staking period, but decide not to redeem my SGEM when the duration matures?

Ethlas is a F2P/P2E GameFi Metaverse, the casual games aggregator platform for players to play games and earn crypto rewards. Voted “Best NFT/GameFi project in 2021” by Polygon Foundation, and ranked #1 blockchain casual game on We are the largest GameFi project headquartered in Singapore, with a stacked team of founders and backers.



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