How Ethlas Metaverse laid the foundation for Ethlas’ Ecosystem today

2 min readSep 22, 2021

Officially launched in January 2022, Ethlas is engineering the future of gaming by leveraging Web3 to unlock the next level of experiences.

Ethlas Metaverse was the first product of Ethlas and is free-to-play for anyone with a device connected to the Internet! The experience is now defunct but from the success of Ethlas Metaverse, the studio has since released multiple other successful projects like Battle Showdown, Komo Valley, My Pizza Story, and PokPok Protocol.

With these projects and an immense focus on infrastructure, Ethlas is taking Web3 experiences to the next level and building an ecosystem all powered by $ELS. But it all started and wouldn’t have been possible without Ethlas Metaverse.

The current Web3 products focus on building the rails for on-chain engagement. Battle Showdown takes on NFT interoperability and Pokpok Options Protocol democratizes financial instruments. And let’s not forget Ethlas Metaverse which lowered the barrier to entry for Web3 with casual games.

The Web2 products focus on seamless experiences and Web3 migration. Komo Valley is where you can collect, explore and unlock Web3 IP virtual pets and My Pizza Story lets you run a Web3 IP-powered pizza restaurant and cafe empire.

The Web3 infrastructure tackles key challenges. Hybrid authentication for wallets and social logins, chain-agnostic experiences (w/ Layer Zero Labs), secure payments through cloud-to-blockchain txns with fraud detection, and DeFi through gamified financial instruments.

From the launch of the free-to-play Ethlas Metaverse until today, Ethlas’ traction includes 15M Gameplays across all games, 28+ Interoperable NFTs on our platform, 30+ games powered by Ethlas infrastructure, and most importantly 100k+ engaged player community.

Join us in building the ultimate ecosystem and unlocking the future of gaming with $ELS.

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Ethlas is engineering the future of gaming by leveraging Web3 to unlock the next level of experiences.