Seeds of Life…

Magic Elf Lady

Planting the Seed

The Seed of Life program is a way to further reward users who participate in the Tree of Life incentivized LP staking program. On top of GEM rewards emissions distributed by the Tree of Life, users who stake more than 1000 XGEM-MATIC LP tokens (worth around $220 at the time of writing) will receive a seed, which can be planted by the magic elf lady.

Watering and Fertilizing

Like any living plant in Metaverses, they need sunlight, water and minerals to survive. Log in daily to water your seed and fertilize it occasionally for healthy growth. If you neglect your seed, it will slowly wither and die…

Different stages of growth for your seeds

Bearing Fruit

The Seed of Life has a magic link to the Tree of Life and the Ethlas Metaverse. Once it reaches maturity, it will bear fruit and occasionally drop in-game items. As we expand the Ethlas Metaverse and introduce more items, some of them will be available exclusively through the Seed of Life drops.

Anti-Whale Mechanism

To prevent whales from creating a dozen different wallets each with the minimum number of LP tokens in order to get multiple seeds, wallets with a larger number of LP tokens would stand a better chance of getting more valuable drops and items. However, it’s important to note that to ensure fairness, everyone with a Seed of Life stands a chance to get drops across all rarity/value tiers — it’s just the probability that differs.



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