Something’s cooking…

2 min readJun 29, 2022


Our first in depth gamification of Komo Questing comes in the form of a fifth quest aka Komo Cooking. For those of you who can’t cook irl, here’s a game that’ll make you feel like you can!

Step 1: Head to the Quest page located on the main map.

Step 2: Click into Cooking section.

Step 3: Select a recipe. Each item takes 30 minutes to cook, and gives you a fixed amount of EXP, and as you level up, new recipes will be unlocked.

Step 4: If you need materials, head over to the marketplace to get them, or obtain them from Game Drops, Seed of Life, or other Komo Quests.

Step 5: Adding a Komo or Windblown NFT to assist increases the success rate of cooking dramatically.

Step 6: Continue cooking until you level up and unlock the next recipe!

Step 7: Activate your food items in the inventory!

Step 8: Enjoy your cooking and try not to burn down the kitchen!




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